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Celebrate Your Love of Lifting Weights

If you love lifting weights, protein shakes, nutritional supplements, and balanced meals are a staple to your lifestyle. However, not everyone loves to lift and is keen on weightlifting, which can be confusing to those who love it. Some people tend to shy away from weightlifting because they fear they’ll become too muscular in appearance. Others believe that there simply isn’t a need or benefit compared to cardio. Despite this, leading fitness experts reinforce that you can make weightlifting bearable with the right mindset.

So how do you share your love of lifting and encourage your loved ones to start their weightlifting journey? If you regularly lift weights, getting active with your loved one can make exercise and lifting a habit that both of you can enjoy together. Ultimately, it will make workouts easier and more enjoyable for both parties!

couple lifting weights
“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” – Theodore Roosevelt

Why Do You Love Weightlifting?

Most of us know that strength training is important as it can enhance our quality of life and improve our ability to do everyday activities. Everyone has their own reasoning for their love of weight lifting. Sharing your reasons with a loved one may inspire them to explore how they can make weightlifting something that they love. Here are some of the most common reasons to lift weights and to get motivated to start strength training today:

Benefits of Lifting Weights

1) Health

Adding weight lifting to your workouts is an excellent way to improve your overall health and fitness. Strength training boosts excess post-exercise oxygen consumption which in turn can boost weight loss more than if you were to only partake in cardio activities. When you lift weights, you are burning more calories and fat in the long run both during and after your workout.

Additionally, weight lifting can regularly help preserve or increase muscle mass, strength, and power. As we age, these become essential for our bone, joint, and muscle health. Improved muscle mass also provides your cardiovascular system with more locations to send the blood that is being pumped from your heart. This reduces the pressure on your arteries, which lowers your risk of heart problems. Weight lifting, like all exercise, increases your circulation levels of endorphins, which serve to improve not just your mood but also your energy level.

2) Self-Esteem

Weightlifting can be extremely challenging, although being able to overcome the challenge can be very rewarding! So, how do people discover weightlifting to boost their self-esteem? Making progress in your weightlifting journey can help remind you that you possess the power and ability to face and tackle challenges. In addition, there is always room to improve when you lift weights. When you set and meet specific weightlifting goals, you prove to yourself that you are capable of achieving your goals when you set your mind to it!

Let’s not forget that when you lift weights, you lose weight. Losing weight, getting healthy, and seeing change is a huge self-esteem booster. You may find that you’re judging yourself because of your weight or feeling “unhealthy” but it doesn’t take long to see the benefits of weightlifting.

Seeing yourself become more muscular and toned can lead to an increase in confidence and viewing yourself in a more positive way. The endorphins that your brain releases when you workout also assists with improving your mood. When you’re in a positive mood, it’s easier to limit negative self-talk and can give you extra motivation to keep lifting!

3) Fun

Lifting weights is a hobby for many people and when you approach it from a fun and entertaining perspective, you’ll most likely enjoy it more.This can lead to long-term habit building and better results in the end. There are several ways that you can make weight lifting more enjoyable. For example, listening to music while you lift can boost your performance. Fast music with strong beats or positive lyrical affirmations can be highly absorbable when trying to meet weight lifting goals. 

Making weekly or monthly goals such as to increase the weight or number of reps can also be a fun way to keep you motivated to lift. Keeping track of your progress helps you see just how far you’ve come in your weightlifting journey over time which is extremely rewarding in the end. 

lifting weights with music
“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.”  – Jim Ryun

How to Enjoy Lifting More

Weightlifting isn’t always easy, fun, or enjoyable but that doesn’t mean it can’t be. Not everyday you lift will be your best, so it’s important to be patient and forgiving with yourself. Having the same weightlifting routine can be boring after time so switching up your routine can help bring change and make lifting more pleasurable. 

If you already have a workout bench in your home gym, adding attachments like York’s arm curl attachment is one example of taking your training to the next level. This attachment assists with building your arm strength by providing a wide range of exercises so you aren’t always doing the same strength building workouts.

Another way to find enjoyment when lifting weights is to make it a game. Lifting with a partner and having a healthy competition can encourage weightlifters to improve even more. In addition, because lifting weights can be so difficult, it’s important to have a spotter when you lift heavy on a bench press. Ultimately, lifting with others is not only fun and safer, but it gives you someone to push you further and celebrate your accomplishments with.

Sometimes we all need the motivation to start and continue working out and lifting weights. That’s where sharing and celebrating your love to lift comes to play. When you lift with a loved one and convey unconditional support to one another, both parties are sure to feel more motivated, more adventurous, and more consistent.

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