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Can a Full Body Workout be More Beneficial?

No matter what you are looking to gain, full body workouts can be extremely beneficial and can potentially be better than splitting up muscle groups every time you work out. If you are just starting out or even a hardcore gym fanatic, incorporating full body workouts in your workout routine once in a while will help you achieve your body goals by strengthening every muscle during your workout. 

What are the Pros of a Full Body Workout?

Changing some of your training to full body workouts can lead to different advantages then splitting muscle groups. These full body workouts allow your whole body to be worked and used, which is different from doing split workouts, and potentially allows your body to:

  • Increase strength 
  • Build more muscle and increase muscle recovery rate  
  • Burn more calories in less time 
  • Allow for more understanding of your muscles
  • Get a more efficient workout
  • Improve conditioning  

These benefits can allow you to progress significantly in a shorter amount of time, which can allow you to see results faster. So, make sure you allow time during your week to have a full body workout if you haven’t been getting the results you’ve wanted. 


york barbell kettlebells

Using kettlebells is a great starting point for your full body workouts as they are very versatile. You can perform many different exercises with just one or two kettlebells. For example, York Barbell offers 5 lb to 80 lb kettlebells for your full body workout exercises. 

York Barbell also offers a kettlebell stand to keep your kettlebell set organized and clean. This kettlebell equipment can be a perfect addition to your at home gym to gain strength and the perfect body you want.

Full Body Workout Using Kettlebells

According to WebMD, some kettlebell exercises can get your heart pumping and burn 20 calories a minute just like doing a 6 minute mile. Using York’s kettlebells as your workout equipment can provide you with a lot of flexibility and help you achieve different intensities throughout your workout.

Tips for Planning Your Workout

Here are some tips on planning your full body workouts to get the best results:

  • Know what you are doing before stepping foot in the gym or at your home gym. (Write your workout in your notes app on your phone.)
  • Design your workout plan so you can target all muscle groups equally
  • Start with the most important exercises that are priority and will meet your training goals
  • Make sure you use proper form and technique. (Take a video of yourself to see what you can fix.)
  • Use the correct weight. Change up the number of sets and reps if needed. 
  • When you do heavy lifts, do fewer reps, and vice versa.
  • Always allow ONE day of rest a week!

Switching your workouts to full body exercises rather than splitting up arm and legs days can help you gain strength, muscle, and lose more calories in a shorter period of time. Even using one or two kettlebells can do the trick for completing your full body workout.

Now get out there and get your full body workout on with kettlebells! Check out our blog and get more information on York Barbell, workouts, and weightlifting.