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York Barbell Launches R-350 Rower

New Products Alert: R-350 Rower & Multi-Purpose Rack!

York Barbell’s design and marketing teams continue to innovate and incorporate the latest fitness technologies with new product releases. The most recent launch includes the chain-driven, variable resistance R-350 Rower and the Multi-Purpose Storage Rack. According to Eric Smith, Sales and Marketing for York Barbell, “the two products address rising market demand for similar items and help to fill in a couple of gaps that York enthusiasts identified in our product line.”The release highlights York Barbell’s ongoing efforts to meet growing customer demand for both cardio equipment and weightlifting essentials…

weight lifting for beginners

Weight Training for Beginners- Get Lean & Strong

Are you a newbie when it comes to weight training and want a convenient, total body workout routine that you can do from home? Are you intimidated by gyms where it seems like everyone else knows what they’re doing? Do you want a more healthy lifestyle, but still need working out to be as convenient as possible?

York Barbell Bench Press

Ten Creative Ways to Use Your Bench

When gyms were closed due to COVID-19, gym-goers had to get creative in keeping themselves in shape and staying healthy. As a result, more home gyms have surfaced and there’s been a natural increase in the purchasing of home-gym equipment. People quickly realized that they can get a more convenient, efficient workout from home. To workout from home effectively…


How to Stick to Your New Year Fitness Resolutions in 2024

Sticking to your New Year fitness resolutions can be challenging, especially as the initial enthusiasm of January wears off. Unfortunately, according to the U.S. News & World Report, the failure rate for resolutions is around 80%. To ensure this is not your reality in 2024, Here are some strategies to help you maintain your fitness goals into February and beyond: How to Stick to New Year Fitness Resolutions 1…

learn to love lifting weights

Celebrate Your Love of Lifting Weights

If you love lifting weights, protein shakes, nutritional supplements, and balanced meals are a staple to your lifestyle. However, not everyone loves to lift and is keen on weightlifting, which can be confusing to those who love it. Some people tend to shy away from weightlifting because they fear they’ll become too muscular in appearance. Others believe that there simply isn’t a need or benefit compared to cardio…

fully body workout with kettlebells

Can a Full Body Workout be More Beneficial?

No matter what you are looking to gain, full body workouts can be extremely beneficial and can potentially be better than splitting up muscle groups every time you work out. If you are just starting out or even a hardcore gym fanatic, incorporating full body workouts in your workout routine once in a while will help you achieve your body goals by strengthening every muscle during your workout.&nbsp…

york barbell squat rack

Why You Shouldn’t Skip Leg Day

Leg day is a day well-known to weight lifters. There are jokes surrounding skipping leg day, because those that do, could possibly become the subject of a meme gone viral. You don’t want attention for a disproportionate physique… you want the opposite! Let us explain why you shouldn’t skip leg day, the benefits of leg workouts…

Auditorium at York Barbell

York Barbell’s Auditorium To Feature Major Weightlifting Events

The York Barbell name has been synonymous with the essence of weightlifting since its inception. That includes not only manufacturing and distributing quality weights and gym equipment but also serving as a meeting place for the sport. To that end, many long-time customers know that our corporate campus features an extensive retail outlet store and the Weightlifting Hall of Fame…

powerlifting garage gym

Best Way to Set Up Your Powerlifting Gym at Home

When COVID-19 first forced the closure of fitness establishments, many avid gym-goers turned to building a powerlifting gym at home. Although, there are numerous other reasons why you might want to consider setting up a powerlifting gym at home. For instance, most commercial gyms do not offer the right equipment and platforms needed to perform powerlifting exercises…

3000 power station for at home gym

Hate Waiting for a Machine at the Gym? We have a solution.

Do you love lifting on a machine, but hate waiting for one at the gym? York Barbell has a solution. Let’s dive into recommended strength training machines and other strength equipment so you can get strong and stay fit with none of the wait in the comfort of your own home. 3 Strength Training Machines/Equipment We Recommend: York 3000 Power Station &nbsp…