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Custom Upholstery

Upholstery Options

Boltaflex® Color Guard® is our standard vinyl manufacturer. Black is our standard color. A selection of 8 custom colors available at additional charge include: Please allow 1-2 weeks for custom pad option. Additional custom upholstery colors are available from the Boltaflex® Color Guard® 2000 color chart for a charge of $45 per piece of equipment; no minimum number of pieces required.

Standard Frame Colors

Standard color is silver or white only.

Custom Logo Submissions

Custom logos can be applied only to platforms. To provide you with on-time delivery and high quality custom logo products, it is important to understand the requirements for submission of camera-ready artwork. Providing appropriate camera-ready artwork ensures on-time shipment and delivery of your equipment order.

To meet your delivery date and avoid delays, we must receive the camera-ready logo artwork and other essential information within one week of placing your order. Depending on specific needs, there may be additional charges or set-up fees.

Art Submission Procedures

File Format Requirements: We can accept electronic files saved as JPG, PDF, BITMAP, TIFF and EPS or AI format.

PMS Color Information: PMS stands for Pantone Machine System. This system is used to standardize the different shades of all of the various colors available. An example of a PMS color would be “Pantone 347” which translates to green that is made up to 10 parts process blue and 6 parts yellow. It is essential that your PMS color is included with your Custom Order Form. The PMS color numbers will enable us to most closely match the vinyl to your original logo. There is no charge for one vinyl modification. Any change/s to the second vinyl sample requiring the production of an additional sample/s will result in a $35 charge per sample.