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Ten Creative Ways to Use Your Bench

When gyms were closed due to COVID-19, gym-goers had to get creative in keeping themselves in shape and staying healthy. As a result, more home gyms have surfaced and there’s been a natural increase in the purchasing of home-gym equipment. People quickly realized that they can get a more convenient, efficient workout from home. To workout from home effectively, you only need a few basic pieces of equipment to get started such as a bench or a set of free weights. 

York Barbell has consistently set the standard in product styling, performance, and value. Based on our years of experience and expertise, we recommend our products to those looking to get stronger, leaner, healthier, and feel better overall.

We recommend the Multi-Position Bench Press w/ Fitbell Storage as a durable, reliable bench that brings a touch of style to training from home with or without weights.


  • Adjustable Back- Degree Options include 0, 25, 45, 85, & 90
  • 3 weight storage rungs add easy storage for York Fitbells, or small weights
  • Sturdy Construction combined with York’s professional design
  • Sleek, grey bench cushion designed for comfort & effective padding

We’ve put together the following list of exercises for a hard core, total body bench workout that actually requires no weights. You can integrate free weights into this routine if you choose, however, you shouldn’t discount your body weight, intensity, and timed resting intervals in terms of getting an efficient, worthwhile workout! 

Bench Exercises: 

1. Hip Thrust- Feet on Floor or Elevated

hip thrust on benchhip thrust on bench

2. Straight Leg Dips 

straight leg dips

3. Push Ups- Hands Elevated or Feet Elevated

hand elevated push up with benchfeet elevated pushup

4. Reverse Crunch- Straight Leg

reverse crunch

5. Bulgarian Split Squat

bulgarian split squat on bench

6. Plank w/ Mountain Climbers

plank mountain climbers

7. Hands Elevated Side Plank

hand elevated side plank

8. Step Ups- Front & Lateral

front step ups

9. Single Leg Bench Squat

single leg bench squat

10.  Reverse Leg Raise w/ Glute Squeeze 

hamstring glute bridge exercise

Whether it’s a longer or shorter workout, exercising consistently is something to be proud of and arguably the most important part of a fitness journey. Make sure you allow yourself to have the right equipment to be able to effectively workout from home. Remember, the only bad workout is the one that didn’t happen!