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York Barbell Launches Over A Dozen New Products

York Barbell’s design and marketing teams continue to innovate and incorporate the latest fitness technologies with an assortment of new products. 

Ranging from barbells and other traditional weightlifting accessories to full-body cardio equipment, the new equipment addresses valuable feedback the company recently received from customers. According to Eric Smith, Director of Sales and Marketing for York Barbell, “the recent launches address rising market demand for similar items and help to fill in a few gaps that York enthusiasts identified in our product line.”  

The home gym equipment complements York Barbell’s ongoing efforts to meet the growing preference for sturdy yet adaptable home workout regimes. Americans are increasingly inclined to maintain an active lifestyle from home with regular exercise which can maintain a healthy weight and decrease the risk of chronic diseases. The 13 new items run the gamut from yoga mats to battle ropes with something for everyone.

Product launch highlights include:


York 3-in-1 Plyo Box

This is the plyo box that improves along with you, allowing you to easily (and affordably) increase exercise difficulty as you increase your balance and stability. The mesh construction makes it both durable and stable while the 21 pounds of weight make it easy to move around. Once the 20″ side is no longer a challenge you can flip it to choose either the 24” or the 30” height. The slip-free surface helps prevent injuries while the box itself is ready to use, with no assembly required.

York Yoga Mat – Red/Gray

Expand your home gym with this York exercise mat. Constructed from high-density foam, this mat provides a soft, pressure-reducing surface for stretching, resistance training, yoga, and more. The slip-resistant top keeps you safe, and the easy-to-clean top helps prevent bacteria buildup. Whether it’s for pre- and post-exercise stretching or for regular yoga practice, the York Yoga Mat is a must-have for your home gym. 


York Battle Rope

Complete your workout space with this 30-foot x 1.5-inch diameter Battle Rope designed for a full-body workout that focuses on increasing muscular endurance and cardiovascular conditioning. Battle Ropes are built for athletes to train for increased power, build core strength, and improve explosiveness. This three-strand-thick exercise rope features comfortable hand grips and a durable Poly Dacron blend made to prevent breakage and fraying. The heavy-duty exercise rope can be used indoors or out and offers a reliable, long-lasting performance so you can keep the focus on your workout.


York Multi-Grip Bar

Featuring neutral and angled grips with knurled handles, the York Multi-Grip Bar is a versatile and effective addition to any gym. The multi-grip bar, otherwise known as a Swiss bar, allows for an array of exercises tailored to strengthen your shoulders and upper body. You’ll be building muscle with shoulder presses, front lateral raises, and back rows just to name a few.

Add chains, bands, Olympic plates, etc. for a multitude of workout options. Whether it becomes your primary bar for bench pressing, or as an additional tool in your repertoire, the York Multi-Grip Bar is another must-have.


York Olympic Bar Holder

This weight bar stand is perfect for commercial settings and holds six 2” Olympic barbells vertically. The bar holder is made of commercial-grade steel and the shape prevents tipping while loading and unloading the barbells.  The small footprint frees up floor space and the attractive black finish compliments other equipment.  This stand is a great alternative for fitness clubs that are not able to hang barbells on the wall and makes it easy for users to choose a bar. The double-sided format allows for easy access from either side.


York Olympic Weight Plate Tree – For Bumper Plates

This Bumper Weight Plate Tree keeps your bumper plates up off the floor, preventing tripping hazards and allowing for easy plate changes.  It features six plate storage pegs that can accommodate all bumper plate sizes. This rack also features two Olympic barbell holders for storage. The design of this plate tree helps to distribute the weight evenly as well as keep the rack from tipping over when loaded. The attractive black finish complements most workout spaces.


YORK Aspire 110 Rower

York Aspire 110 Rower features a durable foam-padded seat, smooth and quiet magnetic resistance, phone/tablet holder, large pedal with loops, and transport wheels. It has 16 resistance levels to deliver a low-impact cardiovascular exercise that trains most of your major muscle groups while delivering powerful results. The monitor displays distance, speed, time, calories, and cadence allowing you to strengthen your heart and improve circulation from the convenience of your own home.


YORK Aspire 366 Spin Bike Flywheel

Spinning on a spin bike can provide a range of physical and mental health benefits. The York Aspire 366 Spin Bike Flywheel utilizes quiet magnetic tension via a 16 kg flywheel to provide an effective way to improve your cardiovascular health, burn calories, tone and strengthen your muscles, and boost your mood. Professional-grade molded handle grip, fully adjustable saddle and handlebar, and the small pedal Q-factor ensure that you can enjoy your workouts in comfort for years to come. 


Additional Products In The Launched Include:


York Power Grip Attachments

York Multi-Grip Attachment

York Landmine Attachment

York Lifting Straps

York Quick Access Collar


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