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How to Start Working Out at Home

Wondering how to start working out at home? You’ll need motivation, accountability boosters, varied workouts, and the right equipment. If you’ve made a new years fitness resolution this year or are looking to save money by not going to the gym, then we have some tips and tricks for you to get the total body benefits you want- all while staying close to home.

According to, “One study found that 57 percent of gym-goers who said they hadn’t resumed their pre-pandemic workout routines were forgoing fitness centers because they didn’t believe Covid-19 was sufficiently under control.” Currently, people are not quick to go back to gyms. For people who workout regularly and are passionate about lifting or strength building/maintenance in some capacity,  we suggest investing in some essential home gym equipment so you can still stay healthy, happy, and active while at home. For those just starting out, this could mean dumbbells, a yoga mat, and strength bands. For others, this could mean a squat machine and bench press

how to start working out at home in 2022


Without proper planning and preparation, you won’t get to where you want to be. Think of what you want to achieve and where you feel your fitness level should be to be your healthiest, happiest self! Once you have your goals in mind, we recommend planning your workout days in advance throughout the week on a visible calendar in your home. Think of how many/which days, realistically, you’re going to attempt to workout that week, put it on the calendar, and adjust your strategy accordingly at the end of each week depending on the results. Doing this holds you accountable. Secondly and most importantly, check the days you successfully completed your workouts on the calendar with a big, green check mark! Doing this allows you to visually see your accomplishments/progress throughout the week and keeps yourself motivated to keep going!

working out from home

Varied Workouts

Vary your workouts, so you never get bored, but not so much to the point where you can’t determine if you’re getting results. Mixing up your routine can consist of fitness DVDs (yoga, pilates, aerobics, CrossFit, etc.), running, walking with weights, weight training, lifting weights, bodyweight training, and an active leisure activity like basketball, hiking, or tennis. We recommend finding your favorite routines/activities and consistently rotating them to keep your workout routines fresh and fun! You can even decide or plan before each week which activity or workout regiment you’re going to do that day. Another example of varying workouts could include going on a short run (20 minutes) as half of your training and then coming back and lifting weights (squats, chest flys, lunges, arm raises, etc.). Varying your workouts ensures there’s excitement and motivation for the next workout.

varied workouts with dumbbells

Home Workout Equipment

Your home gym or home workout routine requires some basic, essential pieces of equipment to get you started. You can successfully vary your workouts with a selection of dumbbells. If you have the space, we also recommend a bench and a separate space for where you go to do your exercises. Some of us only have our living room space, which is why a bench can be a luxury for some of us and can be replaced with a quality yoga mat. Make sure your dumbbells are in a visible place that will remind you to use them and keep incorporating them into your workout. We recommend purchasing a squat machine, lat pulldown machine, and more for those who have the capacity for a proper home gym. You’ll have everything you need at the convenience of your own home- saving you gas, time, and money (in the long run). Visit our home gym equipment page for more options for enhancing your home gym. After purchasing your essential equipment to start working out at home, you’re on your way to achieving your fitness goals from home!


home workout with fitness mat


While you’re thinking about improving your home workout routines, remember to have patience. It takes at least 30 days to build a habit. All you can do is prepare, try your best, and make sure you’re setting yourself up for success. 

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