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Essential Home Gym Equipment for Beginners

Have you fallen a bit short on your 2023 fitness goals? If so, it’s never too late to ease your way back into regular exercise. In fact, according to Livestrong, regular physical activity is associated with a 0.4 to 6.9 year increase in life expectancy! If you’re ready to get back into a consistent workout routine but are unsure where to start or being around others is a concern, don’t worry! Highlighted are a few workout equipment essentials for beginners that can be utilized in the comfort and safety of your own home gym.

1. Exercise Mat

Regardless of where in your home you perform your exercises, exercise mats can be crucial to your safety and protection during floor workouts. These soft cushion mats give your back, hips, knees, and tailbone the proper support needed in order to perform the required movements for your workout routine. Performing workouts on a hard floor can be painful. Mats however help stabilize and balance your body and can prevent any pain or injury that may be caused without one.

home gym mat

Exercise mats can be especially useful for beginners who may need to modify exercises. For example, a pushup modification is done by placing your knees on the ground and an exercise mat will help cushion and protect tender knees. Let’s not forget, these mats are easily able to be folded or rolled up, making transportation and home storage much more convenient!

2. Dumbbell Set

Utilizing dumbbells in your home workout is a great way to build muscle, increase strength, keep your bones healthy, and lower your risk for cardiovascular and other chronic diseases, ensures the National Institution of Health (NIH). They come in many different shapes, sizes, weights, and materials, so choosing the most suitable set for you depends on your needs and preferences. Dumbbells are versatile and can be used for a variety of different core, upper, and lower body exercises. Ideally, beginners should start with a weight that can be lifted with proper form before working their way up to heavier weights.

dumbbell lifting

3. Kettlebells

Kettlebells are another excellent piece of equipment beneficial to your home gym. Because kettlebell weight is not distributed evenly, they require the need to stabilize and counterbalance your body when using them during workouts. This in turn is great for core strength, balance, and coordination. Kettlebells can be held, pressed, swung, thrown, and manipulated in hundreds of ways and can easily be incorporated into a beginner’s workout regime. The fast lifting motions of kettlebell exercises challenge almost every muscle in the body thus building endurance, power, and even burning fat! 

kettlebell lifting

4. Adjustable Workout Bench

If building muscle is a priority in your home workout plan, you should definitely invest in an adjustable workout bench. These benches are great for anyone, especially beginners! Not only do they assist with better posture, but the adjustable incline, decline, and flat features allow you to perform a wider range of strength training exercises at various angles. Total body bench workouts can be done on their own, or you can incorporate weights to target specific muscle groups both big and small.

home gym workout

Start Your Home Gym Workout Revolution!

Starting up a consistent home workout routine may seem challenging at first. However, after a few weeks of slowly easing your way back into one, you can expect to both see and feel the results! If you require a form of accountability or someone else to motivate you while you’re getting back into a consistent workout routine, you should take advantage of fitness apps, virtual personal trainers, workout videos, or virtual group fitness classes. Do your own research and find out what app or workout video works best for you to support you on the days you don’t feel as motivated as well as to keep track of your progress. Most importantly, remember to start slow, set realistic goals, and always listen to your body.

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