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Barbell Care and Maintenance

Barbell Care and Maintenance: 

The care and maintenance of your barbell is key to keeping your bar looking and working just like when you first got it. Much like a car needing oil changes, tire rotation, fluid fill-ups, etc., your barbell also needs regular maintenance to keep it working correctly. Below are a few tips on how to properly maintain your bar to keep it in great working condition.

In order to properly maintain and care for your bar there are a few items that are necessary.

Barbell Care and Maintenance

Maintenance Supplies:

  • Stiff Nylon Brush
  • 3-in-One Oil
  • Clean rag to apply oil to the bar
  • Clean rag to wipe oil off the bar

Step 1: Clean the Knurling

Barbell Knurling

Cleaning your knurling should be done quite often and not just when you maintain your bar every so often. Unfortunately, sweat, chalk, or dirt can get stuck in the knurling causing the bar to corrode and rust.

  • Apply a small amount of oil to the knurled areas
  • Work the oil into the knurling with the nylon brush
  • Wipe away all excess oil and debris with a clean rag.

Step 2: Wipe the Bar Down with Oil

Wiping the bar down with oil can help remove any topical rust and help improve the longevity of your bar. Depending on where the bar is being used, commercial gym or home, it can take a beating from use and/or the environment in which it is being used (excess humidity, salt air, etc.).

  • Apply a small amount of oil to a clean rag and wipe the entire bar down, not the sleeves
  • Use the nylon brush to work the oil into the bar and to help remove any topical rust
  • Let the oil dry on the bar for a few minutes
  • Using a clean rag, wipe the bar down again to remove any excess oil or debris

Step 3: Lubricate the Bearings/Bushings

In order to keep your sleeves spinning properly, lubricating the bushings/bearings is a must. The bushings/bearings are key to the function of your bar and maintaining them is vital.

Barbell lubrication

  • Stand the bar upright
  • While the bar is upright, apply a small amount of oil to the sleeve closest to the floor. Apply the oil where the barbell shaft meets the sleeve
  • Once a few drops have been applied to sleeve, spin the sleeve slowly in order to allow the lubrication to cover the entire bearing/bushing
  • Use a clean rag to wipe up excess oil
  • Flip the bar and repeat

This process should be repeated often to help increase the longevity of your bar. Additionally, if the bar is being used in a commercial setting maintenance should be done once a week, as these bars see a lot of use. On the other hand, if the bar is being used in a home gym, maintenance should be done every two weeks.

Here are other tips on barbell care to keep your bar looking and working like new:

  • Clean the knurling regularly outside of the maintenance period in order to avoid corrosion and rust in the knurling
  • Wipe the bar down after each use to help prevent moisture settling onto the bar and causing corrosion and rust
  • Store the bar horizontally. Vertical storage can cause chalk and debris to fall into the sleeve and inhibit the smooth rotation of the sleeves.

Barbell Coatings:

York Barbell offers barbells with three different coatings. These coatings all have different durability’s as well as resistance to corrosion. Coatings are rated on a 1-10 scale where 10 is the highest durability and highest resistance to corrosion.

Black Oxide

York Barbell offers several bars that have a Black Oxide coating. This coating offers a mild durability and resistance to corrosion. Black Oxide finishes provide an increased aggressiveness to the knurling on the bar.

  • Black Oxide coating is rated a 4 for both durability and resistance to corrosion

Hard Chrome

Most York Barbell bars are coated with Hard Chrome. This style of coating offers a high grade of durability as well as resistance to corrosion. Undoubtedly, it is a widely popular coating that not only looks good but will last long as well.

  • Hard Chrome coating is rated a 7 for both durability and resistance to corrosion

Stainless Steel

York Barbell offers two Stainless-Steel bars. This type of bar is hands down the most durable and resistant to corrosion. Stainless Steel bars also offer a more aggressive knurling.

  • Stainless Steel is rated a 10 for both durability and resistance to corrosion

types of barbells

No matter which coating your bar has, all bars should be maintained and properly cared for in order to maximize the longevity of the bar.

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