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Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle from Home

York Barbell’s mission as the “Strongest Name in Fitness,” is to develop, manufacture, and distribute quality strength and fitness products that enhance athletic performance and improve quality of life. Speaking of improving quality of life… Let’s talk about yours!

Are you finding it harder to live a healthy lifestyle? Struggling to to find the time to make it to the gym?  Feeling guilty about the money you’re spending on a gym membership?

If you answered yes to one of these questions, we’re here to tell you that gyms aren’t for everyone and there is a better alternative… Maintaining a healthy lifestyle from home!

Working out from home allows you to re-invent your workout routine to be more efficient,  saves time and money from not having to go to the gym, and achieves the work/life balance you want by having a convenient, customized space to workout in at all times.

1. Finding a Space

Let’s get started! Before you begin to peruse home gym equipment, you’ll need to identify the space in which you’re going to set up your home gym. You can use your basement, attic, or any free space within your home that you feel could be an effective workout area. 

home gym

2. Determining Your Budget

Gym equipment can be expensive. Quality equipment will cost you, however, this doesn’t mean you can’t make budget-friendly choices. To best manage your budget, you should prioritize the equipment you want based on what you’ll use the most first or what piece of equipment will give you the most benefit right away. Your choices in equipment will depend most on your workout/training style. Over time, you will achieve your full-service at- home gym by determining what your “must-haves” are and finding quality equipment that fits within your budget.

3. Planning

To avoid purchasing all of your equipment to only find out you don’t have enough space or your ceiling isn’t high enough to accommodate your machines, come up with a floor plan of where you want certain equipment to go. Keep in mind measurements of the product to make sure things will fit properly. In addition, advises that working out from home is great for impulsive exercisers who want to mix things up and there’s an opportunity for a lot of variety when you workout from home. We recommend having a list of workout options ready for when you feel like doing something different… You can go outside, do exercise videos, stream live classes, download workout apps, or come up with custom workout routines yourself. 

4. Being Resourceful

When going about purchasing your equipment, make sure you do research on when companies are having sales. You could save yourself a lot of money by keeping your options open and finding the right company/affordable product. 

5. Giving Yourself the Best Chance for Success

Buying equipment that fits your needs and allows you to enjoy your workout just as you would at a gym is important. At home, there’s no wait time and less distractions, which should allow for better focus and results if you block out the dedicated time to train. If you’re wanting to build a home gym by now, you probably already have the self-discipline to get a good ROI on your investment. However, you should determine what time you will typically stick to working out at home so that you can hold yourself accountable. Most importantly, your at-home gym was designed by you and for you, so have fun and get your sweat on!


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle from home


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