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PROMO ALERT: Power Up & Save on Home Gym Equipment!

Ready to take your home workouts to the next level while getting the biggest bang for your buck? Whether you aim to tone up or channel your inner Olympian from home, NOW is the perfect time with these fantastic deals on YORK Barbell home gym equipment!

From July 7th to July 20th, dive into the “Tone At Home” sale where select home gyms are discounted by a generous 20% off our regular prices (35-45% off MSRP). This includes the YORK Perform Home Gym, YORK 7240 Multi Gym, and the YORK Aspire 420 Home Gym, all designed to be the staple of your workout routine right from the comfort of your own home.

Similarly, our “Olympic Spirit” promotion runs from July 21st to August 3rd in which Bumper Plates and 2” Olympic Bars are 40% off MSRP. 

YORK Perform Home Gym:

Experience the ultimate machine for versatility with the York Perform Home Gym, meticulously crafted to deliver a comprehensive workout solution. Boasting a solid 200-pound weight stack, this gym offers substantial resistance for a wide range of exercises, from chest presses and leg extensions to lat pulldowns and seated rows. 

Its ergonomic design ensures optimal comfort during workouts, while the adjustable seat and preacher curl pad accommodate users of varying heights and preferences. Engineered with heavy-duty steel and premium upholstery, the York Perform Home Gym guarantees durability and stability for years of reliable use. Perfect for individuals seeking to build strength, tone muscles, or improve overall fitness, this gym system provides the tools and versatility needed to achieve your goals effectively.

Revolutionize your home fitness routine today and take steps toward a stronger, healthier you with this gym.

YORK Aspire 420 Home Gym:

Discover the York Aspire 420 Home Gym, an exceptional fitness solution that combines affordability with functionality. Crafted from durable steel, it features versatile stations including chest press, chest fly, high pulley with lat bar, and a 4-foam leg developer, allowing for a full-body workout targeting chest, shoulders, back, arms, abs, and legs. 

Equipped with 100 lbs. of adjustable weight plates, the York Aspire 420 ensures progressive resistance to suit various fitness levels. With a maximum user weight capacity of 330 lbs., this compact home gym is perfect for anyone looking to maximize their workout space with an investment that won’t sacrifice effectiveness. 

Don’t miss out—this gym is currently in stock, discounted, and ready to be the staple of your at-home gym.

YORK 7240 Multi Gym :

The York 7240 Multi Gym has everything you need to put the pain in your gain.  This economical alternative to a commercial multi-gym is designed specifically for residential use and is made of sturdy rectangular tube steel to center your workouts from start to finish.

Depending on the exercise, the maximum resistance for this unit is 240 lbs. Equipped with no cable changes and a locking mechanism, this unit is both easy to use and safe.  

Not only does the Multi-Gym arguably accommodate more total-body exercises than the two previous gyms described, but this gym has a special feature in that it comes with a poster-style exercise chart with illustrated instructions for the following exercises: 

  • Vertical Chest Press, Pec Dec, Straight Arm Chest Fly, Chest Fly, Cable Pullover, Wide Grip Lat Pulldown, Close Grip Underhand Pulldown, Wide Grip Press Down, Seated Low Row, Seated High Row, Bicep Curl Laying, Tricep Extension Lying, Tricep Pressdown Standing, Standing Leg Curl, Seated Double Leg Extension and Seated Single Leg Extension.

When it comes to materials, York Barbell provides options to suit every preference: Steel bars are robust and reliable, ideal for heavy lifting, and long-lasting durability. Oxide bars offer enhanced corrosion resistance, perfect for humid environments or outdoor setups. For a sleek finish and minimal maintenance, chrome bars provide smooth rotations and a polished appearance, ensuring both functionality and aesthetics.

Browse through our versatile lineup including curl bars designed to isolate and target specific muscle groups, perfect for bicep curls and tricep extensions. If you’re looking to add variety to your workouts, their multi-grip bars offer multiple hand positions for varied angles and muscle engagement, enhancing your overall training regimen.

Each bar is crafted with York Barbell’s commitment to durability and performance, making this discount an excellent opportunity to upgrade your free-weight, strength-training equipment.


Enjoy the durability and versatility ingrained in our impressive selection of bumper-weight plates, now showcased at unbeatable prices. Bumper plates are essential for Olympic weightlifting, offering a combination of resilience and safety that traditional plates can’t match. 

Our collection includes a variety of sizes and weights, crafted from high-density rubber for superior shock absorption and reduced noise during drops, making them ideal for intense workouts and CrossFit routines. Whether you’re outfitting a home gym or a professional training facility, these bumper plates ensure reliability and performance. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your lifting experience with equipment trusted by athletes and trainers worldwide, especially at 40% OFF. 

Take advantage of these limited-time offers to elevate your training sessions at home with equipment trusted by professionals and enthusiasts alike. 

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