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Best Way to Set Up Your Powerlifting Gym at Home

There are numerous other reasons why you might want to consider setting up a powerlifting gym at home. For instance, most commercial gyms do not offer the equipment and platforms needed for powerlifting exercises. Healthline reinforces that powerlifting is based on three lifts: the squat, bench press, and deadlift. Therefore, if your commercial gym lacks the equipment to perform these lifts, it’ll be extremely difficult to achieve your desired strength goals.  

You may be thinking about how you could build a powerlifting gym at home, but it’s possible! With the right equipment and the proper space, you can reach impressive levels of strength in the comfort of your own home. 

Essential Powerlifting Equipment

If you’re planning on setting up a powerlifting gym at home, the most important thing you’ll need is the proper equipment.  Powerlifting focuses primarily on three types of lifts. Therefore, the equipment you buy will need to be able to assist and support these lifts. Below are our suggestions for the most essential powerlifting equipment for a home gym.

Squat Rack: If you regularly powerlift, a squat rack is likely the most used piece of powerlifting gym equipment you use. Therefore, there’s no doubt that your home powerlifting gym needs one. When purchasing a powerlifting squat rack, you want to make sure that the one you choose can support the weight that you currently lift. If you plan to lift heavier weights in the future, it is important to ensure that the rack can also take the weight of what you wish to perform later. Our STS Power Rack w/ Hook Plates offers users strong spotter pins and band peg holes for intense workouts. It can also be used for both squat and bench!

powerlifting squat rack

Barbell & Weight Plates: Of course you can’t powerlift without a barbell and weight plate set! The safest way to determine how heavy barbell and weight plates for your home powerlifting gym should be is to determine your current fitness level. There are three types of barbells: Mens (45 pounds), Womens (35 pounds), and Youth (25 pounds). Our high quality Olympic Barbells offer a wide array of special features that fit the powerlifting needs of everyone. We also carry a large selection of Olympic Weight Plate Sets designed to cater to your specific weight preferences!home gym weightplates

Bench Press: The bench press remains one of the most popular exercises and is a staple movement for avid powerlifters. Designed to meet international powerlifting standards, York’s 9201 Powerlifting Bench is a perfect addition to your home powerlifting gym and made for all levels of lifters. This bench allows experienced powerlifters to prepare for the competition stage. It also give beginners the ability to grow their potential as they increase to heavier weights. The specially designed rear frame support reduces wobbling and adds stability to the stationary barbell support beams. Additionally, the heavy duty structure of this bench ensures that your equipment will last for years to come!

powerlifting bench

Lifting Platform: Many powerlifters get away with making their own lifting platforms. However, you may want to consider purchasing a high quality, long-lasting, pre-made lifting platform such as our Solid Red Oak Inset for Power Rack. You may feel as if you don’t need a platform for your home powerlifting gym. However, they can be very useful. For example, it can give you an easier way to secure your rack, protect your floor/weights, reduce noise produced from dropping bars. Platforms can make your home powerlifting gym look more visually appealing.

powerlifting inset

Setting Up Your Powerlifting Gym at Home

We’ve discussed the basics of essential home gym equipment. Now let’s discuss how to set up your powerlifting gym at home. After choosing which equipment you want, the next most important step is finding the best space to build your powerlifting gym. For those with larger homes, it may be easier to find a space big enough to accommodate your equipment. Many people decide to build their powerlifting gyms in their garage or basement. However, for those with smaller homes, you may need to think creatively.

It’s also important that the space you choose has quality air ventilation. This ensures that excess carbon dioxide is flushed out and fresh air is brought in.. Therefore, if you decide to build your gym in your garage, you should keep your garage door open when performing exercises. If you choose a different space, make sure that it has a window unit or utilize a fan when working out. 

After choosing a space, you want to take measurements of the area including the height and width. This way, you can ensure that the equipment you choose will fit in the space. If you don’t have the room for everything you want in your home powerlifting gym, consider investing in quality home gym storage such as wall mounts to make more space for larger equipment. 

You may also want to consider necessary technology such as power outlets if you plan on adding electronic equipment. Remember that this space will be yours to use. Therefore, you should create it in a way that is unique to your preferences. For instance, adding mirrors, photos, and other desired elements can make your home powerlifting gym more personal and boost your levels of motivation!garage squats

Do’s and Don’ts of a Home Powerlifting Gym


  • Consider your training level and the space you have to build a powerlifting gym in your home
  • Research equipment to ensure that it meets your current and future individual workout needs and goals
  • Look at your home powerlifting gym as an investment and only purchase high quality powerlifting equipment
  • Purchase essential items first, then add anything else you may consider appropriate for your home powerlifting gym


  • Purchase all the equipment you “want” at once, only purchase necessary items until you’re certain you will use additional equipment
  • Limit your powerlifting gym to one space, especially if you have a smaller home
  • Buy used powerlifting gym equipment 
  • Buy cheap, low-quality equipment 

It might take some time to acquire the essential powerlifting equipment you may need for your home gym. However, once you’ve got the equipment for the basics, you may want to consider purchasing additional power/squat racks and equipment that will keep you safe and take your powerlifting exercises to the next level.

Your powerlifting home gym will become your strength and fitness sanctuary once your space and desired equipment are set up. For more information and tips on power/weightlifting, fitness, home gym equipment, and more, take a look at our other blogs