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Hate Waiting for a Machine at the Gym? We have a solution.

Do you love lifting on a machine, but hate waiting for one at the gym? York Barbell has a solution. Let’s dive into recommended strength training machines and other strength equipment so you can get strong and stay fit with none of the wait in the comfort of your own home. 

3 Strength Training Machines/Equipment We Recommend: 

  1. York 3000 Power Station

strength training machines 



Bench Press, Squats, Rows, Pull-Downs, Curls, Calf Raises, and more.



  • Quick & easy spring loaded adjustable supports
  • Durable coated steel frame
  • Vinyl Upholstery
  • Wall Chart included



  • 10 Positions incline backrest freestanding bench
  • Pec Dec w/ Foam Rollers
  • Lat Pulldown Machine
  • Leg / Arm Curl
  • Low Pulley Row
  • Adjustable barbell and safety supports


2. YORK 7245 Leg Press and VKR attachment

 strength training machine 



Shoulder Press, Leg Press Single Leg, Leg Press Double Leg, Sustained Single Leg Pulls, Sustained Double Knee Pulls, Diagonal Knee Pulls (Advanced), Single Leg Lift (Advanced) and Double Leg Lift (Advanced).



  • Made of sturdy rectangular tube steel 
  • No cable changes 
  • Safe and easy to use



  • Maximum Resistance- 300lbs. 
  • Poster style exercise chart with illustrated instructions 
  • Locking Mechanism


Add-Ons: Offered as an add-on to the York #7240 Multi Gym, the York #7245 Leg Press and VKR attachment enables you to work your lower body and core to maximize your workouts.  

3. 5-50lb Cast Iron Hex Dumbbells With Deluxe 3 Tier Rack

dumbbells and rack for at home gym 


YORK’s Cast Iron Hex Dumbbells are the economy “meat-and-potatoes” dumbbells for when “bells-and-whistles” are simply unnecessary and the real work needs to begin.



View a list of dumbbell exercises from Men’s Health HERE:



  • Cast Iron Hex Dumbbells ranging from 5-50lbs
  • 3 Tier- Rack that perfectly fits your dumbbells’



  • Sturdy, Durable Dumbbells
  • Hexagonal shaped heads to prevent rolling



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