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York Barbell Introduces STS Functional Cable Crossover Machine

York Barbell’s design and marketing teams continue to innovate and incorporate the latest fitness technologies with the release of a new cable crossover machine. The STS Functional Cable Crossover machine now joins over a dozen new products the company announced in April

The cable crossover is noted for its versatility, offering multiple options for strength training and functional workouts at home or at the gym. The dual pulley system allows for independent movement of each arm or leg, providing a range of exercise options and accommodating various body positions and movements. 

York Barbell STS Functional Cable Crossover Machine

With the York STS Functional Cable-Crossover, users can perform exercises targeting multiple muscle groups simultaneously, addressing valuable feedback the company recently received from customers. According to Eric Smith, Director of Sales and Marketing for York Barbell, “the launch of the STS meets rising market demand for equipment that can provide a comprehensive full-body workout. This cable crossover nicely helps to fill in a gap that York enthusiasts identified in our product line.” 

STS Functional Cable Crossover Provides Unmatched Versatility

The cable crossover comes with 18 adjustable pulley heights, allowing for different heights and exercise variations. This versatility accommodates users with various body types and allows for a wide range of exercises targeting the chest, back, arms, shoulders, legs, and core. The unit’s small footprint also makes it suitable for both commercial and home gyms with limited space.

Cable Crossover Attachments

Even better: the STS is compatible with all York Barbell Attachments and Accessories: The York STS Functional Cable-Crossover comes with multiple attachments: 1 x 19.5” Short Bar, 1 x 52” Long Bar, 2 x Stirrup Handles, 1 x Tricep Press Down Rope and 1 x Ankle Strap. These accessories expand the exercise options and target specific muscle groups, providing a customizable workout experience.

Benefits of Cable Crossover Workouts

Crossover Video

Besides the adaptability already mentioned above, cable crossover machines can offer a wealth of fitness benefits. For one, if you work out without a partner, you can feel more confident in using heavier weights during your routine. A crossover machine is also great in that you’ll always get a core workout. The cables challenge you to constantly use a variety of small muscles to stabilize your motion. 

It can also be the perfect remedy for strengthening weak joints, particularly with the shoulder and elbow. Finally, cable machines can help you unilaterally develop muscles. While bilateral exercises can allow your weaker side to cheat, with a cable crossover you can more easily work one arm or side at a time.  

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