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The Weight Plate Set For Your Home Gym

How have you been staying fit and in shape? Have you transitioned to an at-home gym experience, converted to outdoor activities like running, hiking, and biking, or are you waiting for the right time to restart your membership at your commercial gym? 

Home Gym Transition

Whether you’ve already made adjustments to your fitness routine this year or you’re still figuring things out, we want to remind you that you’ll never go wrong with an at-home gym that’s made to last. “We do believe that the pandemic has compelled consumers to reevaluate their fitness routines and many have discovered that the best, most connected workout can actually be experienced at home,” said Brad Olson, chief membership officer of Peloton, in the Washington Post

The pandemic shed a light on the accessibility and functionality of working out at home in that it saves time, gives you flexibility and freedom, and saves you money in the long run. However, you need the right equipment, exercises, and motivation to get the job done well.

Weight Plate Set

A weight plate set is a great starting point. There are many different things you can do with weight plates by themselves, but an addition of a barbell will give you the most options. For example, York’s 2” Cast Iron Olympic Weight Plate Set (300lb), would be a classic addition or starting point to any home gym. 

york barbell 2" cast iron olympic weight plate set (300lbs)

The 2” York Olympic Weight Plates are simple yet sturdy. These plates do not need all the bells and whistles to get by – just solid muscle building power. This classic set of York Barbell plates can be utilized by beginners or advanced users. The York 7’ Olympic Barbell features high quality North American made steel. The bar has a 1000lb weight limit combined with 14” sleeve lengths- making you all set to load up your weights and start hitting personal records.

Equipment that will compliment your weight plate set will be things like a mat or floor guards to protect your floors when you set your weights down or for certain exercises where you may be on the floor and need a soft surface. Gloves are also something you can get when lifting weights to avoid any calluses.


We recommend these exercises to get you started with your weight plate set. All exercises can be performed by advanced or beginner weight lifters; nonetheless, you should always take into account the weight you’re using and make sure to not compromise form. You WILL get stronger over time and proper form allows for the least amount of injury to occur.

exercises for weight plate setexercises for weight plate set

Some people like to stick to the same exercises and build on them with weight, reps, etc., while others need to change up their routines to keep themselves engaged. For those that like to mix things up, here’s a video from Men’s Health showing weight plate exercises without the use of a barbell.

For more information on all things York Barbell and weightlifting, like barbell care and maintenance, check out our blog!