Pro Series Bench 306 ID White-Front Adjustable, Back Adjustable C/U

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    York’s Pro Series Benches are a favorite among fitness studios and home fitness enthusiasts. The smaller size and lighter weight allow for easy movement during workouts, making it ideal for aerobic classes, residential, apartment and hotel usage. The sturdy construction combined with York’s standards of design give the benches a professional club feel in the comfort of your own home.

    This fully adjustable bench features a variety of positions for both the back and seat, for a variety of exercises. The bench also features a foot hold-down for stabilization during declined exercises. The 13-gauge steel bench offers thick pads for comfort and durability.

    Product Specifications:

    Unit Dimensions

    • Length: 54”
    • Width: 16 ½”
    • Height: 20”

    Pad Dimensions

    • Back Length: 29 ½”
    • Seat Length: 15 ¾”
    • Width: 10”

    Adjustable Back Degree Options
    -20, -10, 0, 20, 45, 70
    Adjustable Seat Degree Options
    0, 15, 25

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    Additional information

    Weight 47 lbs
    Dimensions 45 × 17 × 8 in
    Footprint x x in
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