For walk-ins at our York, PA Retail Store: Please call ahead to confirm availability of your items. Or, order ahead and choose Local Pick-up at checkout. Thank you!

COVID-19 Update

Dear Valued Customer,

Back on March 20th, the Governor of Pennsylvania put an order out to close operations in Pennsylvania.  During this time period leading up to the shutdown, like many in the fitness industry, we received unprecedented demand.  We are gradually rebuilding our stock levels, but due to Covid19, we are still in the process due to issues with materials for production, shipping, etc.  Because of the stock levels, we are launching our website in short random windows to ensure that the orders we do get can be fulfilled, and the customer service these orders get are to York Barbell’s expected level of service.  We anticipate our stock levels to continue to increase in the next 2-4 weeks, and hope during that time we can open the website for longer windows for ordering.  This isn’t the preferable method of launching our website, but is necessary to not overwhelm our systems, give our customers poor service, and have no control over our stock and ordering process.  We appreciate everyone’s patience with this, and truly every customer has immense value to us.  We hope your patience can continue just a short time more as we try to get into more normalcy with our website.  As a follow up, we do expect in the next 2-4 weeks to increase the amount of time the website is up to eventually be open 24/7/365.  Thank you again.