“Multi hex” Deadlift / Shrug Bar

MSRP: $376.00


The Multi Hex weight lifting bar is perfect for deadlifting and shrugging. Hex bars are often referred to as trap bars. It’s a great addition to your gym or workout for lifters of all experiences.


    “Multi Hex” Deadlift / Shrug Bar

    YORK BARBELL put a new spin on the traditional hex shaped deadlift/shrug bar. The “Multi-Hex” bar features an open design and two handle heights. Most notable is the “Rock & Rack” kickstand feature that functions like a bar jack enabling the user to load and unload plates with ease.

    Multi-Hex Deadlift/ Shrug Bar-77 lbs


    ** Please note the weight of 151 lbs under additional information iYork Barbellncludes both the weight of the bar (77 lbs) and the weight to ship the product **

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    *Weights and Collars Sold Separately

    Additional information

    Weight 151 lbs
    Dimensions 90 × 30 × 7 in
    Footprint x x in
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