Iso-Grip Rubber-Encased Steel Olympic Plate Set

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Order your 300Lb Iso Grip Rubber Olympic Weight Plate Set with Olympic Barbell and Spring Collars.

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    The ISO-Grip Plate is the industry’s answer to a 360-degree easy-pick-up plate cleverly achieved by casting the hub thicker than the rim. The patent-pending, radical benefit of a thicker hub and a streamlined rim is the anti-pinch nature of using the plates. The streamlined rim ensures a comfortable grip and enhanced maneuverability with its 3-grip design. The steel composite casting combined with the rubber coating makes these plates highly durable. Perfect for school weight rooms, in-home gyms, and commercial settings.

    The York Barbell 7’ Olympic Barbell features high quality North American made steel. This bar has a 1000lb weight limit and a 28mm/1.125” bar diameter. Combine that with 15 3/4” sleeve lengths and you are set to load up your weights and start hitting your own personal records.

    ** No bar or plate substitutions can be made for this item**

    300Lb Iso Grip Rubber Olympic Weight Plate Set Includes:

    • 2 2½ Lb
    • 4 – 5 Lb
    • 2 – 10 Lb
    • 2 – 25 Lb
    • 2 – 35 Lb
    • 2 – 45 Lb
    • 1 – 7’ Olympic Barbell
    • 1 – Pair of Olympic Spring Collars
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    Weight 300 lbs
    Dimensions 89 × 40 × 18 in
    Footprint x x in
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