B114 Bench Press Machine

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    York’s B114 Bench Press Machine is a total body workout waiting to happen. The dynamic design allows for multiple muscle groups to be worked and is great for beginners.

    This adjustable bench press can perform both flat and incline bench. This bench also boasts the ability of the user to perform both leg extensions and leg curls to work the lower body.

    For arms, a preacher curl platform is conveniently located at the bottom of the bench allowing the user to isolate desired muscle groups.

    In addition, the B114 bench has a butterfly mechanism to get extra repetitions on the upper body.

    (L) 54” x (W) 40 ½” (H) 41” – Curl Pad: (L) 16 ½” x (W) 9 ½”

    *Weight Plates, Bar, and Collars Sold Separately

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    Weight 53 lbs
    Dimensions 45 × 21 × 5 in
    Footprint x x in
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